Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet

The Ultimate Wedding Nutrition Package

We have worked very closely with several major nutrition companies to bring you what we call our Ultimate Wedding Nutrition Package.

Designed specifically with you in mind this package will help you achieve your goals, whatever they are, far quicker than without. Increased recovery from workouts, FASTER FAT LOSS, and superior health and vitality brought to you in one package that will last the duration of your training with THE ULTIMATE WEDDING TRAINERS.

This supplement package taken in conjunction with one of our training packages will yield far superior results than without. These very same supplements are taken daily by all the Trainers here at UWT! We want to achieve your goals with us and we totally recommend these supplements. We have taken the guess work out of ordering mediocre supplements for yourself and decided to do it for you. Go ahead and buy direct from here or ask us for more details.

Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet

Package includes:

Focus On Fish Oils/Omega 3,6,9

Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet Without a doubt, this is the most beneficial and necessary supplement on this list.

Benefits include: Reduces body weight and increases fat loss by raising metabolism; Improve digestion; Prevent or alleviate allergies like Asthma; Helps repair muscle damage after a workout by reducing inflammation; Internal oil for the body - Great for the skin, hair and nails; Helps to curb carbohydrate cravings; Feed the brain, keeps you alert and is the best prevention for degenerative diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Focus On Protein/Protein Powder

Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet Your muscles are essentially made of protein and water so adequate protein is needed for repair and to make them stronger and recover quicker.

To dispel the myth that taking a protein shake will make you suddenly sprout big muscles, all a protein powder is, is condensed protein in a convenient form. You will not get huge simply by taking protein powder. You will however, achieve your goals in the gym much quicker, whatever they are.
Benefits include: Reduced soreness after a workout; Improved recovery; Stronger, leaner muscles; Helps body burn body fat; Helps to curb carbohydrate cravings.

Vitamins and Minerals

Ultimate Wedding Trainers Wedding Diet Contrary to popular belief, you CANNOT get your required vitamins and minerals from your food. Even the most balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables will fall short of the nutrients needed in the modern age.

100 years ago you could. Produce grown on the land was packed full of nutrients but due to modern day farming techniques the soil has been leached of virtually all the minerals. On top of that, fruit and vegetables are sprayed with insect repellents etc and frozen and packed, then shipped across the world to land on our shelves. By the time they reach us they are virtually void off all the nutrients they may have once had.
Benefits include: Help with recovery from workouts; Improve sleep quality.

Top Tips

Eat lean cuts...
of chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, venison, oily fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, and eggs.

Have a protein shake...
after every workout. Starts the repair and fat burning process straight away.

Eat fibrous carbs...
broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, mushroom, green beans, onions, asparagus, cucumber, spinach, all peppers, and zucchini

Eat small portions of nuts...
in the day as a snack e.g. almonds, Brazils, cashews. The fat in these will help you burn body fat.

Avoid all grains...
e.g. wheat and oats. They affect blood sugar like table sugar and can give you allergies.

Avoid eating too much fruit...
Eat only dark skinned fruit like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc. Your body will react to the wrong fruit like sugar. Avoid all fruit juices at all times.
Avoid all dairy products...

Keep other carbohydrate sources...
like bread, pasta, potatoes and ALL cereals to a minimum.

Drink only water and green tea...
in the day. Have a coffee before training and never after as this raises cortisol levels which stop you burning fat. Before training will give you energy and help to metabolize fat.
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